Nordic Bone

NB S101

NB S101, the lead compound of Osteologix, has a demonstrated ability to decrease resorption of bone while maintaining or increasing formation of new bone. This combined mechanism of action sets it aside from existing therapies in osteoporosis which are primarily only anti-resorptive. As a dual acting bone agent, NB S101 can significantly improve bone density and reduce fracture risk.

Osteologix has completed an extensive preclinical program demonstrating the pharmacodynamic effects of NB S101 as well as documenting its safety and toxicological properties.

In preclinical models of osteoporosis, NB S101 has demonstrated beneficial effects on both reducing bone resorption and increasing high quality strong bone formation and bone mineralization.

Upon completion of its latest phase II trial, NBS101 was found to be well-tolerated and significantly suppressed bone resorption while simultaneously improving bone mineral density (BMD) at 12 weeks.

This dual action on bone, a significant medical need that is not served by current treatments, suggests that NB S101 could fundamentally change the treatment paradigm of patients with osteoporosis.

Other clinical areas for which NB S101 is being investigated comprise disorders where bone and cartilage metabolism is affected, including osteoarthritis, metastatic bone disease, hyperparathyroidism-associated bone disease, secondary osteoporosis and renal disease.