Nordic Bone

Osteologix Holdings plc is registered in Ireland.  Please see the tabs on the left for important information regarding Dividend Withholding Taxes ("DWT")  in Ireland. 

Shareholders of Osteologix Holdings plc will be liable to Irish Dividend Withholding Taxes on any distributions which may be made by the company, unless they are entitled to claim an exemption.   In order to claim an exemption, shareholders must complete the relevant form (please see the link on the left) and return it to the company, before any distribution is paid. 

If you do not lodge a completed form with the company, DWT will be deducted from any dividend which is paid.  If you are nonetheless entitled to an exemption, you may apply to the Irish Revenue for a refund of the DWT which has been deducted.

Shareholders who are individuals resident in the United States should apply to the IRS for a Form 6166 in lieu of completing Section 2 of the Non-resident Form V2A.

For guidance on completing these forms, please refer to:

DWT Unit,

Collector General's Division,.

Government Offices,

Nenagh, Co. Tipperary,


Telephone: + 353 (0)67 33533